Who We Are

#1 Digital Agency in Nepal

You can count on us for top SEO Service in Nepal

What started as a one man run show has gradually developed into a digital agency that you can rely upon.

Forged in the fiery line of struggles on the place where there was no Scope of online marketing, one guy stood tall to offer something unique.

The multi million dollar business that was so great in the European countries didn’t seem to be picked in Nepal.

This was the time when I (Amin Ghale) with bunch of other Web geeks decided to pull our straps and run like a mad dog until we get to our destiny.

So, careers of most of our team members started during 2005-2010. The time when SEO wasn’t a term at all.

Looking back to the time it was 10 years back and now, things have certainly changed drastically in SEO landscape.

And, to get your foot in the right pedal, you should have a partner that won’t let your business slip away.

This is why we are here to help!!!

Unparalleled lines of communication

We strictly comply with industry standards. We kill the stereotype of not letting clients getting involved in the decision making process. We trust you and share everything with you. From the very beginning we will give you access to our personal work sheet from where you can follow us consistently.

Etiquette marketing strategy

We take every client through a discovery phase where we learn more about their business. We create a unique set of plans & tactics to tackle the problem. We don’t repeat the same system over and over again. Every business needs a fresh outlook and robust marketing strategy. Yes we proudly deliver that.

Rich experience meets skills

Although, we are just a small agency from Nepal, we have managed various projects from US, UK and Australia. Some of our team members are from Australia. So, we won’t say we are just focused on Nepal. With our skillsets, we can take websites from 0 visitors to 10000 visitors per month.

Our Team

Our professional team
Amin G
Founder - Digital Marketing Strategist - Web Developer
Prior to this company, Amin worked in different top web design agencies in Nepal. Typically starting as a web developer, his crush for digital marketing started when he joined one of the outsourcing companies in Nepal. He learned various skills on online marketing. He then tried out in the outer world by making sites, ranking them, and selling leads for profit. This is when he decided to branch off and build his own agency – An agency of SEO experts in Nepal.
Prashant S
Full Stack Web Developer
A 22 year old kid who took the burden of his family from the age of 15. He started his career with the same company where Amin enrolled into online marketing. It’s been 7 years that he has been working as a web developer. He has served in different IT companies like link tree, EB Pearls of Australia.
Prajwol R
SEO Expert
Prajwol came to SEO Nerdy as an experienced SEO expert having managed different local websites of Nepal like travels and tours. Considered as one of the most toughest niche, his sophisticated brains has been able to penetrate the Google’s SERPs more often than not. He now handles clients with high priority and his skills has been an asset to the team.
Sujata S
Content specialist
Sujata also known as tiny girl in the company writes beautiful benefit driven content for our clients. Her primary focus as a content creator is to find the topic that has high potential of creating buzz and engagement around the web world. With effective training of SEO copywriting, she knows her way of finding keywords and how to craft content accordingly.
Sunita R
Copywriter - Social Media Consultant
Sunita before joining us was a vital member of Access Press. She with her team was able to spread the word about AP in various networks. This led to a healthy organic growth of that company. Amin believes that she can either bore you with her words or impress you with her works.