4 Struggle Every SEO Expert in Nepal has to Face

4 Struggle Every SEO Expert in Nepal has to Face

Being an SEO was never in my mind. If someone ever told a 21 year old kid that he would become a digital marketer, I would have never believed it.

After starting early as a Web Developer, I was more into codes than marketing. But gradually, the lust of entrepreneurship, and learning the ways of dealing with search engines pushed me into the storm of search engine optimization.

But, this post isn’t about me. It’s related to all the SEO experts all over the country who has to face some kind of common struggles in their path.

Does it sound like a youtube video?? Yeah, thought so.

This post actually depicts the real story of our struggle as an expert in this field.

Trust me I have been in the field for 5 years now. And, I know exactly what most has to face in Nepal

  1. No Access to SEO tools



Whether you are an experienced SEO driver in Nepal or planning to tie the knot with digital marketing; you will face this scenario, more often than not.

You are not given access to any SEO tools. We all know how important it is for an SEO to understand and measure its data set. It’s so much important to me that I can’t do SEO without having the proper data calculations.

Yes! I like to call myself a data analyst (bite me)

While some companies may (and I repeat may) invest in one tool like ahrefs, there are still many tools that they are missing out.

And, to make things worst, they will find the tool expenses unaffordable resulting on cancellation.

I still remember the time I rolled into this game, I had to take the uphill road of free tools. I use to check backlink watch and free version of ahrefs (which was like giving two beans to a hungry poor kid)

I always ask myself how can you expect better results, when you don’t offer enough resources.

Fortunately, I have been in the business for long that I know in and out of the billion dollar industry

I was lucky enough to make great friends and mentors who help me get the required tools I need.

But, this doesn’t deny the fact that SEO experts are short of tools.

Pro Tip: Get away from the shadow of a company and try to build your own relationships with other experts in industry. There are a ton of group you will find in facebook and forums. Engage, and start prospering.


  1. Most of the Experts are Still in 2009


Let me open a bottle of truth here.

I have been in 5 companies. And, the first thing I do is copy the URL and paste in ahrefs (my favorite tool by far)

What I see all the times never surprises me at all.

100 links from directory, citation sources, bookmarks and profiles.

Yes, these are the only links that comprise the link profile of most of the sites I do here.

I am absolutely certain that experts have the access to internet. And they know how important Links are and will always be.

But, why aren’t they using it??

I will tell you why.

Because we here at Nepal are driven by workload and quick results.

We need to show what we did today every hour.

And, things like guest posting, outreach etc takes a heck of a time.

Sometimes even 1 week of outreach to results in 0% success.

So, experts take the easy route of earning backlinks which doesn’t guarantee any results in tough niches.

So for all of them who are still following the same rules over and over again, time to change.

Earn more diversified links, and test the heck out of anchor text and on page.


  1. They don’t understand Black Hat SEO


Blak hat SEO means wrong. This is the most common label that people attach to Black hat stuffs. And, in Nepal too it’s not that uncommon.

For me though, there is nothing like black, grey or white. There is only SEO and the right process to get your website to the top of G’s mountain.

And, I recommend everyone in the community to learn about black hat seo. I don’t recommend to use it for your clients. But having knowledge about it helps you get a better grip about how search engine works.

There are things like PBN (private blog network) that are still effective in 2016. These are the strong weapons for SEOs on tough niche like pay day loans.

So, if you know about this stuff, you have an extra edge over others.

Unfortunately, experts here have zero knowledge about black hat stuffs like how GSA SER use to blast spammy links to rank a churn and burn site in 2011.

I can bet you on the fact that you will learn a lot of new things from forums like black hat world than any other blogs out there.


  1. They don’t give a F**k about Anchor text diversity


I have been in companies where I have to clean up the anchor text simply because the previous SEOs had no idea about the anchor text ratio.

It’s not like they don’t know about it. But since they have no access to modern tools, they simply can’t track the work they have done. I would highly recommend to at least keep everything recorded in an excel sheet.

In a nutshell, your money anchor text should be no less than 1-2 percent. Having said that, you can always drip feed LSIs and partial match around it to make the anchor text profile look much natural.

For anchor text, I always take top 5 competitors anchor text and make an average of it. That should be your optimum anchor text ratio.

But what I have seen is directory, social bookmarking links, and article directory links pouring heavily with no anchor text consideration. Well, that has to be changed!


So there you have it. These are the most common problems that every SEO experts from Nepal has to face. So when you are hiring one, you need to know who can deliver the right work for you. If you work with me, I don’t have any specific struggle mentioned above. And, I guarantee a peace of mind from my services. So contact me if you are looking for the best seo service in Nepal.

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