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Hungry and motivation driven digital marketers with over 10+ years of experience on the charge of generating quick ROI for our clients.

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Every client that hires us are our legal partner. You are making an investment of your time, so we can help you get a healthy return.

Drive Real Traffic

We cut fluff from your website and focus on value added traffic. We drive right traffic to your website that converts like a lead magnet.

Our Services

Local SEO

Drive insane traffic to your local brick and mortar business with our proven SEO framework

Technical Audit

Scan through your website to find and fix the bugs that’s stopping website from ranking

Maps Optimization

Get additional benefits and sales from our effective Google Maps optimization strategies

Web Design & Development

Give your idea a life with our custom WP websites that has SEO integrated with the theme itself

Pay Per Click

Click: Create a winning adwords campaign for your website that gets quality traffic on low cost

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriters of SEO Nerdy will write the kind of content that proves the theory of content is king

Ready to build a lead generating machine?

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Our Process

On Site Optimisation

Business & Market Discovery

Every SEO framework by SEO Nepal starts with mapping the business goals. Whether it’s a new website or an old one, we take a comprehensive data to formulate best SEO strategy for the business.

Keyword Research

The second thing and one of the most important part of SEO is keyword research. We build at least 100 suitable keywords with long tail version as well as mid chunk values. The purpose of keyword research is to find as many relevant search phrases as possible. This opens the more doors for visitors to land on your website

Competitor Research

Our main goal is to overtake your competitors. So, it’s crucial to understand about the competition we are dealing with. We look through their targeted keywords, backlinks, social media strategy and overall marketing strategy to implement on our strategy.

Keyword & Content Mapping

We take the best keywords from the list of 100 to optimise your on page. From titles to headings, we make sure we use LSI keywords as well as exact match to meet a proper density. For assurance, we can also use our copy writers to create a SEO optimised copy.

Technical SEO

We make sure your website’s bolts and nuts are tight in terms of technical SEO aspects. We ensure there isn’t any crawlability and inedibility errors that hinders your site progress. This part can take around 3 weeks depending upon the volume of your site.

Off Page Optimisation

Link Building

We take the traditional link building strategy out of the window. We use a niche relevant approach to build links to your site. From Guest post to contextual links, our target is devoted specifically to generate traffic and value to your site.

Social Media Integration

Your website will have a unique social properties based on your brand. Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are the foundational properties that we build to earn social signal

Frequent SEO Review

We review our SEO plan frequently to check the progress and vulnerability of our framework.

SEO Expert in Nepal: The Company You Can Trust

Are you like many business owners from Nepal struggling to get business inquiries and phone calls from your prospective clients?

Let me pass a hard to digest “Truth” — If you are not getting found in search engines, you are certainly missing out on the most targeted traffic.

Infact, they will happily use the services of your competitors who have been optimizing their website like crazy.

I’ll put this plain simple to you: A website without traffic is like a body without soul, absolutely pointless. This is where SEO Nerdy’s specialists in Nepal comes into play.

Led by Amin Ghale, Our team members have experience on working with some of the top-notch companies like Nirmal web design Sydney company. And, know exactly how results are achieved in long run

SEO expert in Nepal will scan through your website looking for ranking bugs. And fix it to help you get a lead generating machine. My SEO service in Nepal is the best you can have. Dead simple. 

Amin Ghale weaves Safe + Long lasting results for your business. Whether you are a small startup company or a big Ecommerce site, we have custom packages and plans to meet your needs. We believe in high client retention policy which is why we offer top notch services for our clients.

While I love my clients, I want to hear everything from you. So, click the consultation button and start your happy journey with my team.

A Creative Digital Agency that cares about you

No, it’s not like we love you because you pay our bills. We care about you because it’s you who makes us complete.

SEO Nerdy isn’t some shady agency that rips your money off, and in return gets you black listed in Google’s eye.

We are genuine search engine lovers who will work their ass off day in and day out just to get you the desired results.

One thing is for sure – We don’t Lie like others do.

We don’t make fake promise of ranking your website within 1-2 months without looking at your website. There are over 200 factors that dances with Google’s algorithm. And, without compiling your website’s details, it’s hard to tell where your website stands.

Remember, SEO is a marathon not a sprint where you have to continuously build credibility to your website.

What more? We top our online marketing with persona driven web design services. We also recommend Nirmal’s Small Business web design services as we understand the quality of their design.

"Marketing Where Innovation Meets Creativity"

If you are looking to a build sustainable rankings with branding, we are your go to service. But, if you are looking for some dodgy services, this may not be the right agency for you

SEO Results

What You Get from our SEO Specialist in Nepal
  • Zooguy Renovations in First Page by SEO Nerdy
  • Alt Art SEO Result: First Position
  • SEO results: Airport taxi minneapolis
  • ambience Limo SEO results
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